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Plant and Capacity

Ongoing capital purchases focus on key technologies and equipment including wire / EDM machines (all fully interfaced with the appropriate CAM software), modern presses, advanced 3D CAD equipment, and environmentally-friendly cleaning processes. Our investment extends well beyond cutting edge technology, with just as much resource and attention focused on the on-going development of world-class manufacturing processes and quality management systems.

The scale of this facility gives us the flexibility within the manufacturing process to deliver high quantity pressings to meet the customer’s specific manufacturing requirements.
We offer the latest production technology, with a press range from 5T to 125T. Alongside our range of Bruderer and Haulick Roos Power Presses (18 T – 125 T) we also operate Hydraulic and Hydro-Pneumatic 5 Tonne Hare Presses, Seyi (25 T – 80 T) and Minster (45 T – 60 T) Power Presses.

We also offer the latest in bespoke modular manufacturing systems for pre-forming, stamping and in-die riveting / tapping. These, along with a range of semi / automated systems, designed to ensure minimal human involvement in the on-going production process, deliver cost savings and globally competitive pricing for our customers.

In addition, we have a fully-equipped secondary operations section (both manual and power press), and can offer a three-shift capability to meet the most demanding supply schedules.
All of this technology is employed in the context of the most modern manufacturing processes and quality management systems, subjected to constant internal scrutiny by our dedicated quality management team, and benchmarked externally against the very best in the world.




Computer Aided Design Section

2 Solidworks 3D 2015
6 VISI 2018 (3 VISI Progress, 2 VISI PEPS Wire, 1 VISI 2D Machining)
1 Edgecam 2018
1 VISI Part Explore 2017

EDM Section

2 GF AgieCharmilles CUT 3000
1 GF AgieCharmilles CUT E600
1 GF AgieCharmilles DRILL 20
1 ACTSpark SP1 Spark Eroder
1 Metaletch ME3000T

Soft Machining Section

1 Milling Machine
1 Mikron VC750 CNC
1 GF Mikron 800 PRO
1 Harrison Lathe
2 Drilling Machines
1 Addison Band Saw
1 Startrite Power Saw
1 Radial Driller
1 XYZ CT52

Hard Machining Section

3 Jones & Shipman 1400 surface grinders
1 Jones & Shipman 1400E surface grinder (CNC)
1 Jones & Shipman 540X surface grinder (CNC)
1 Andmar YSG-1224 TS
1 Andmar YSG-1640 TS
4 Micro-hite Microprocessor Gauging Machines
1 Mitutoyo Projectors with Digital Display

Special Products Division

2 Seyi 25 Tonne Gap Bed Power Press with CNC roll feed
4 Hand Presses (Secondary Op) and Tapping Machines
1 Hydraulic 5 Tonne Hare Press
2 Hydro-Pueumatic 5 Tonne Hare Press
1 3D Printer
1 Custom designed Electrox Workstation and D Box Raptor 1 Marking System
1 63 Tonne Hare Press
QH11D Serial Precision Shearing Machine
Frasertech Cleaning Plant
1 Mitutoyo Projectors with Digital Display

Clean Energy Cell

3 Seyi 25 Tonne Gap Bed Power Press with
1 Seyi 80 Tonne Power Press


  • Upper Press Shop

1 Yamada Dobby 80 Tonne High Speed Link Action Power Press
1 BSTA 18 Bruderer High Speed Power Press
1 BSTA 20 Bruderer High Speed Power Press
7 BSTA 25 Bruderer High Speed Power Press
11 BSTA 30 Bruderer High Speed Power Presses


  • Lower Press Shop

2 BSTA 25 Bruderer High Speed Power Presses
1 BSTA 28 Bruderer High Speed Power Presses
3 BSTA 30 Bruderer High Speed Power Presses
2 BSTA 50 Bruderer High Speed Power Presses
2 BSTA 41 Bruderer High Speed Power Presses
1 Minster 45 Tonne Power Press
1 Minster 60 Tonne Power Press
2 Haulick Roos 60 Tonne Power Presses
1 Haulick Roos 125 Tonne Power Press


  • Quality Control Capability

3 Mitutoyo Quick Vision Elf
2 OGP Smartscope Vantage
2 OGP Smartscope Snap
3 Mitutoyo Projectors with Digital Display
1 Bower Hardness Tester
1 Vickers Hardness Tester
1 Mitutoyo Toolmakers Microscope with Digital Readout & Camera
2 Stereo Microscopes
Micro sectioning Low Speed Diamond Saw and Polish Equipment
Force Gauge Testing Equipment
Digital Micrometers and Calipers
Digital Height Gauges
Various Product Specific Gauges
Programmable Digital Indicators
In line inspection
Statistics Software (inc. Measurelink & QC Cal)
SPC capability
Equipment traceable to National Standards
Starrett 330 Force Tester


  • Cleaning and Heat Treatment Equipment

2 Inert Gas, monitored, heat treatment plants operating to 600°C
1 Tumbler D-burring machine
1 Durr 81P solvent cleaning plant
1 Solvac S1 Ulrasonic Cleaner
1 Solvac S2 Ulrasonic Cleaner


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